I have released this Drupal modules:

Fielefield Mail

Fielefield Mail allows filefield downloads to be restricted until the requester confirms the email address. This email address is stored in the database and reported back to privileged users. The requester receives a mail with a link to the requested file.

Fielefield Mail captures file downloads of files which are provided through a filefield and configured as tracked. Anonymous users are redirected to a form where they can enter their email address, instead of immediately starting the download (which would be standard behavior). After submitting the email address, they receive an email witch contains the download link as well as configurable subject and text areas.

For logged in users the download starts immediately as usual.

Download statistics of tracked files by anonymous and logged in users are provided under Reports / Tracked downloads.


VideoIO creates a tab in the user profile which contains a video chat pane. It is a third party integration module for the VideoIO video chat. Users can start video chats when they visit each others profile.